The One & One Project

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What is the One & One Project?

In 2012, we had reached a point as a church where we needed a permanent home. Being a mobile church was taking a lot of effort and we knew we could better focus that energy on reaching out into our community. We started The One & One Project as a way to raise money to reach people both inside and outside the four walls of the church. We set a goal to raise $3 million with half of the money going towards local outreach, international missions, and church planting and half towards a new permanent facility in Statesboro.


Every year, through The One & One Project, we’re able to extend a hand to various ministries, missionaries, and organizations throughout the world to help spread the message of Jesus. The One & One Project is a tangible way we can all ensure that people who wouldn’t have heard of Jesus, will, and to help resource the people who are bringing that message to them. Imagine if The One & One Project grew beyond a dollar amount, and into a revolution of generosity with everything we have, year-round, for the rest of our lives, to continue reflecting the character of Christ.

Local Outreach

Since beginning the One & One Project, we’ve had a strong conviction for reaching more people with the Gospel of Jesus. We want to help change the culture of the communities we’re now apart of. We want these communities to be known for what God’s doing in and through His church. We know God wants The One & One Project to be something only He can take credit for and we know He can do it.

International Missions

Through the One & One Project, we’ve been able to support missionaries and organizations internationally in Honduras, India, Guatemala, and other countries where we have been able to build churches, fund orphanages, and send new missionaries to the most desperate areas of the world. We want to continue partnering with these people and more to make Jesus’ name famous across the globe.

Church Planting

The vision of Connection Church is to reach 10,000 people through multiple campuses and church plants. It’s vital to the mission God’s given us to connect people to a growing relationship with Jesus Christ to continue growing as a church family. We know that one campus can’t reach everyone, so we’ve already begun reaching more people through planting churches in Vidalia, Ga., Millen, Ga., and Dublin, Ga. with more to come!

Permanent Facility

When you’re a growing church, a home base is incredibly helpful. When you don’t have to focus on how to make things work for a service and also make it fit in a trailer, you’re able to focus so much more effort on continuing to reach out to the people we’re called to reach. We’ve been fortunate to have built and moved in to our first permanent facility at our Statesboro campus.